Monday, March 21, 2011

Presidential prerequisites?

so today, Rosen spends a couple hours deriding Trump's stated test of the waters for President in 2012...your typical "he doesn't have political experience", "his views are shallow", "Newt would chew him up in a debate" type stuff

well what does it take to be President of these United States?...when the Karl Rove types come out and ridicule Sarah Palin and the group of Tea Party favorites, they make it sound like only savvy political geniuses need a Tea Party participant, I take ot the main reasons we like Trump's and Palin's is THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT

we don't want another George Bush - the first or the second...we don't want Orrin Hatch, John McCain, Olympia Snow, or any of that fact , we don't want 90% of those Republican senators we have now...we watched in horror for years as we had a Republican President with both Congressional chambers in his party, and we still got no meaningful tax reform, illegal immigration resolution, or spending cuts

Trump has everything and more to be President...would you rather have Jeb Bush?...let's let some non-politicos into the race and give them a sure as hell can't be any worse than what the Republicans have been throwing out there in recent memory

Monday, March 14, 2011

Conservatives looking bad on Japan's nuclear plant problem

I'm hearing a lot of talk from Conservatives on how Japan's nuclear power plant  problems aren't really that bad and how it shouldn't stop America from moving forward with new nuclear power plants...while I totally concur with the latter sentiment, the former makes these Conservatives just look stupid

the problem with nuclear contamination is at least twofold:  1) receiving a fatal dose of radiation poisoning that results in a painful death (quickly or not) and 2) receiving contamination that sets you up for any number of cancers and other health problems in the future (near term or longer)

I've heard Conservative arguments like "more people have died in coal power plant accidents than nuclear power plant accidents", or "the 17 American service men contaminated by the nuclear plant steam release is just something that happens when one of the plants releases steam as a safety measure", and "the new technology nuclear plants aren't like Chernobyl - they have many safety mechanisms", and "the plant is not going to blow up like an atomic bomb"....there are many other such statements and ideas being thrown out there by Conservatives, but they all boil down to trying to minimize this event

look, if people are getting contaminated by any amount of radiation due to an accident like this, it is a disaster...what needs to get talked about in the news and by Conservatives is the reality and truth of what's going on...the 17 American service men got contaminated - well, HOW BAD was it?...give us the news in a format we can understand - was it like getting a chest x-ray, or was it like getting 10,000 chest x-rays?

I know that the anti-nuclear power crowd wants nothing more than to turn this into the reason that America can never build another nuclear power plant, but you don't fight them by hiding or denying the truth and reality of what is happening

Friday, March 11, 2011

oil shortage? - BAH!

there is no freaking oil shortage!...what we have is a world (but more importantly, U.S.!) held hostage by a group of 12 men deciding what we have to pay per barrel!

isn't it time America recognizes we need to "drill baby drill"??? - not with team obama running the show, however

we have plenty of oil - too much in fact - if the whackos would only let us get it!

Donald Trump has a great view on the whole oil situation...his view includes the fact that any oil over $40/barrel (yes, forty dollars) hurts America, and there is no reason oil should be over $40/barrel

God I wish America would get on the Trump bandwagon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Public Workers Striking

Madison - atypical of Wisconsin, but your nightly news wants you to believe every cheesehead is that whacko and the mean old Republican Governor is trying to take away their union...well, the truth is Wisconsin elected a Republican Governor and a Republican majority in their state Congress to fix the problems of runaway government spending

the story I want to see is who are these public worker unions REALLY PROTESTING AGAINST????

you and I, that's and I who don't get a 90% of our highest salary retirement benefit for life with free health care paid for by and I whose yearly salary and benefits package is dwarfed by the $100K plus package of the average Wisconsin teacher

public worker union strikes - striking against you, the taxpayer...coming soon to a city near you

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


funny, I wrote this down last night and today wake up to Steve Forbes writing on it and Rush talking about it...weird...karma?...I hope it becomes the GOP slogan for 2012...I hope we have a decent candidate (for a change) in 2012