Monday, March 21, 2011

Presidential prerequisites?

so today, Rosen spends a couple hours deriding Trump's stated test of the waters for President in 2012...your typical "he doesn't have political experience", "his views are shallow", "Newt would chew him up in a debate" type stuff

well what does it take to be President of these United States?...when the Karl Rove types come out and ridicule Sarah Palin and the group of Tea Party favorites, they make it sound like only savvy political geniuses need a Tea Party participant, I take ot the main reasons we like Trump's and Palin's is THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT

we don't want another George Bush - the first or the second...we don't want Orrin Hatch, John McCain, Olympia Snow, or any of that fact , we don't want 90% of those Republican senators we have now...we watched in horror for years as we had a Republican President with both Congressional chambers in his party, and we still got no meaningful tax reform, illegal immigration resolution, or spending cuts

Trump has everything and more to be President...would you rather have Jeb Bush?...let's let some non-politicos into the race and give them a sure as hell can't be any worse than what the Republicans have been throwing out there in recent memory

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