Friday, April 29, 2011

ok - so now it's finally out

Hallelujah!..the messiah has finally released a long form birth certificate!

it's got some issues...he edited the scanned image to place it over this fancy looking green background, which raises a whole new round of speculation as to whether or not he modified any of the data

at this point I think you have to believe it's good...if not, Hawaii would have to be in on the fraud as well, and all that just gets too complex...but, like Trump says, it would be nice to remove all the "maybes"

it was stupid of team obama to not just release an unaltered photocopy (Xerox) of the original and be done with it...but perhaps they want to keep a controversy going on the certificate, as it draws fire away from issues like the Connecticut Social Security Number - hehe

but, now that Kapiolani is the "official" hospital of birth, it should be no problem to produce those records showing Stanley Ann Dunham was there on 08/04/1961, right?....right


Friday, April 22, 2011

so HOW does George Stephanopoulos get a certified birth certificate????

the MAIN STREAM MEDIA has been POUNDING INTO US that NO ONE can get a copy of obama's birth certificate, SO HOW IN THE HELL DOES GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS GET ONE??????

Steffie waves this thing around with registration numbers, official seals, and signatures, but ABCCBSNBCPBS have been telling us that NO ONE can get a certified copy of the birth certificate!  so HOW does little Georgie have one?


these anti-birther obamabots keep stepping deeper and deeper into their own lies


Thursday, April 21, 2011

anti-birther obamabots posing as cnn anchors

just WATCH these two deride Donald's not an "interview"'s not a "news piece"'s two rabid obama defenders attacking someone who DARES to question the messiah's nativity story!

this is absolutely unbelievable...please contact cnn and tell them to at least PRETEND they are still a news organization


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Throw Out Karl Rove!

can I start a new movement for Conservatives in the GOP?


if there is a figure head for the "they just don't get it" crowd, it is Karl Rove...Rove has done, and continues to do nothing but serve as saboteur-in-chief for any Tea Party candidate not coming from the "in-crowd" at GOP HQ (wherever that is)

witness Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, et al, and now DONALD TRUMP

seems any candidate the Tea Party wants to get behind automatically becomes "enemy number 1" on Rove's list

look, Rove is a brilliant guy, and he arguably has done a lot of good for the GOP and the Conservative movement...but it's become obvious that Rove is now taking a clear stand against the new Conservative movement in the GOP and the Tea Party

maybe it's just that he's worried that the GOP is passing him by...maybe he's just desperately lashing out to show he is still relevant...but when you look at some of the stupid things that happened, and other things that should have but did not happen in the Bush administration, you kind of see the hand of Karl Rove at work

the leaders of the GOP are taking their stand against Conservatives, and it is time for Conservatives to take back the GOP...let's start by tossing out Karl Rove

Monday, April 11, 2011


wow, has Trump stirred up a hornet's nest?...has Trump struck a vein? Trump a "non-resident journalist" doing the work American journalists just won't do? (thank you for that line, W)

you hear these journalists and reporters from the MSM interview the Donald, and in 99% of the cases, they are ATTACKING HIM...I mean, it's not an interview, IT'S A DEBATE!...let's hope david "it's CRAZY TALK" gregory never has to interview Trump - it could get really ugly really fast

seriously, when you hear these disciples of the obama saying stuff like "well, we checked into this", "I know you have already answered this", "we all know he was born in Hawaii", or any of a dozen other such lines, you have to ask yourself "are these people living on the same planet the rest of us are living on?"...just when was that hard hitting "60 Minutes" piece on searching for the President's birth hospital?...we must have missed that one...when did they ask the President "why don't you just allow Hawaii to release whatever documents they have related to your birth to clear all this up?"...again, I'm sure they've asked that, right? - we all just must have missed it

why do we have records of obama's Kenyan grandmother and two Kenyan officials clearly saying obama was born in Kenya?...oh yeah - they were all just - maybe, two - I don't think so, but THREE???

oh well, at least we have Trump