Friday, April 29, 2011

ok - so now it's finally out

Hallelujah!..the messiah has finally released a long form birth certificate!

it's got some issues...he edited the scanned image to place it over this fancy looking green background, which raises a whole new round of speculation as to whether or not he modified any of the data

at this point I think you have to believe it's good...if not, Hawaii would have to be in on the fraud as well, and all that just gets too complex...but, like Trump says, it would be nice to remove all the "maybes"

it was stupid of team obama to not just release an unaltered photocopy (Xerox) of the original and be done with it...but perhaps they want to keep a controversy going on the certificate, as it draws fire away from issues like the Connecticut Social Security Number - hehe

but, now that Kapiolani is the "official" hospital of birth, it should be no problem to produce those records showing Stanley Ann Dunham was there on 08/04/1961, right?....right


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