Sunday, March 11, 2012

what Rush was really doing

ok, so Limbaugh went a little overboard in name calling the retired leftist woman's contraceptive rights protester that went back to school at age 30

but how about a little acknowledgement that this 30 year-old woman is far from the young gentle "student" ingenue the main-stream-media purports her to be?...what is it with that "student" label the media gives out so mistakenly for causes they support?...reminds me of the days back during the iranian embassy hostage siege where the world media kept identifying those whacko muslim terrorists as "students"

the effect of what Rush brought on accomplished several things...mainly, it kept the issue of obummer's attack on the Catholic Church front and center in the news...the other major exposure was how the left continues to dominate and use the MSM...this "student" is nothing more than a hand-picked veteran radical designed to once again manipulate public opinion by deceiving Americans with the full compliance of the main-stream-media

Rush also exposed whacko liberals in business like Carbonite, who pulled their ads without even acknowledging the only reason they ever became successful in the first place was they ADVERTISED ON RUSH'S SHOW

team obama has been previously exposed as giving up on white working folks for votes in they are obviously giving up on Catholics as well...maybe they see Catholics as all white working class anyway

can we vote out these whacko libs fast enough?


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