Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OJ Redux in Florida


that's really the paramount question in this whole Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, isn't it?...if it's Martin, Zimmerman is toast...if it's Zimmerman, the 2nd degree murder charge is dead

first of all, shame (again) on sharpton the huckster, jesse the dead-beat-dad, spike lee and rosie o'dufus...can we at least get a little evidence before you decide to hang Zimmerman?

it seems obvious Zimmerman does indeed have a big wound on the back of his head, consistent with his and some reported witness accounts

and although it is greatly suppressed, that image of Martin with a mouthful of gold teeth raises questions on his character

so can we wait for the evidence?...the ballistics may give a lot of data as well - how far away the shot was fired, angles, etc.

and just like the OJ case, this one is severely split along racial lines...here's my prediction:  one forensic expert will say the screaming is Martin, and 90+% of Blacks will think he's right - another forensic expert will say the screaming is Zimmerman, and 90+% of Whites will think he's right

but these idiots trying to convict Zimmerman before the evidence comes out really just tick me off

or people blaming it on guns...if Martin was trying to kill Zimmerman, that gun saved an innocent guy's life...get real, America

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