Friday, November 16, 2012

so you don't like Mitt's 47 Percent Comment?

Romney took a lot of heat over his comment that 47% basically live off of government welfare, and they are going to vote for the democrat party that continues to give them their checks and even more

so many Americans - even those who think of themselves as Conservatives or (shiver) "moderates" thought the comment was callous or worse, and voted for obummer, thinking that "yeah, rich people should pay a little more to help"

well please pause to the obummer vision for America continues to grow, so will that 47%...what happens when that 47% becomes 51%?

I'll tell you what happens...the great experiment that we know as America is over

if you are part of the 53% right now, and you think it's OK for us "rich" to pay more, that 47% will keep growing...and as they start demanding more and more from you, AT SOME POINT YOU WILL SAY "NO MORE"...but by then, that 47% you voted with will then be 51%, and it won't matter that you say "NO MORE"

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