Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a winning issue for Conservatives

increasingly, America is becoming a conflict between those who primarily work and pay taxes, and those who primarily receive government (taxpayer-paid) benefits...and the liberal lines of "you can afford to give more", "the rich need to pay their fair share", "it's for the children", and the like, continue to persuade many, if not most, Americans who do primarily work and pay taxes

Conservatives need to fight tax increases with the message that "as more and more people start getting more and more of your income in taxes, they become an overwhelming majority of voters who will continue to take more of your income and you won't be able to stop them from doing that - you are creating a majority voting block that is working against you"

this is an argument of financial persuasion and reality...this is an argument that makes the economy personal...this is an argument that anyone who looks at their paycheck can understand....this is an argument that can make Conservatives a majority winning voting block again, before it is too late

now all we need is a Messenger

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