Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the lesson of the Martin/Zimmerman tragedy

what should we draw from this?...it's horrible a 17 year old boy lost his life, a family lost their son...it's awful too that a man who should never have been charged was railroaded by misguided "justice seekers" and his life is arguably ruined as well...it's unthinkable the government prosecutor hid evidence then fired a whistleblower who exposed her...it's sad to see America once again split so clearly along black/white racial lines - so much for obummer bringing us all together

those blaming Zimmerman claim he was "stalking" Martin...I disagree...if I lived in a neighborhood being victimized by break-ins, I would love to have a neighbor willing to watch out for people acting suspiciously...if you live in a neighborhood, you know when something looks out of place...sure, if Zimmerman hadn't followed Martin, this wouldn't have happened...but please, THERE IS NOTHING ILLEGAL IN FOLLOWING SOMEONE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK (RIGHTLY OR WRONGLY) THEY MAY BE UP TO NO GOOD

the crime in this tragedy occurred when Martin assaulted Zimmerman

Martin had more than ample opportunity (a full four minutes worth) to just go back to the house where he was staying...Martin goes back to the house, and there is no tragedy

is it some macho thing?...is it some gang-banger attitude or code?...if you feel dissed you have to assault who offends you?....these are all stupid, stupid, reactions to a real or perceived offense

HERE is the lesson of the Martin/Zimmerman tragedy:

teach your kids not to assault anyone - for whatever reason

we do that properly and effectively, and we are guaranteed no more Martin/Zimmerman tragedies

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