Saturday, December 3, 2011

can we get SERIOUS about illegal immigration?

let's just get our government and main-stream-media to research and give us some FACTS...I really don't know the true numbers, and neither do you...the MSM and our politicians on BOTH SIDES don't want to know the facts or have them published

how many illegals are in America?

what is the real cost/benefit analysis? - are most of them working? - are most of them living off government assistance? - how much are they really costing the American taxpayer? (health, legal, living, law enforcement, everything!)

how many illegals are in our jails and prisons (and why?)?

are the ones working paying taxes?

how many $$$$ are they sending back across our borders to their homeland?

these are the questions we need to have accurately and publicly answered, then Americans will have the data they need to make up their own minds on what needs to be done

come on main-stream-media....DO YOUR JOB!!!


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